Blockchain for business – strengthening the backbone of the industry

Blockchain for business

Are Businesses evolving with Blockchain? 

The biggest boon of blockchain for business is that it helps bring down costs by eliminating intermediaries or third-party providers. Thus it increases trust, transparency and enhances efficiency. Blockchain is designed for companies that transact with each other. Its distributed ledger technology allows the permissioned participants to access the same information simultaneously to remove friction and build trust. Not just this, blockchain even allows multiple tasking. But why is blockchain sweeping the markets clean of traditional business models? For that, it’s essential to address the concerns of the existing businesses. 

Why is the existing business model unsuccessful?

To understand the advantages and blockchain revolutions, let’s first review the challenges that traditional businesses face. Conventional business concepts are time-consuming, involve several payment barriers, have higher costs, lesser security, and are autonomous.

Autonomous: With each process functioning as silos, people employed in one operation are unaware of the information gathered by the people in another process. This decreases transparency, trust, and reliability.

Time-consuming processes: It gets tedious for the teams to gather and analyze the data for decision making. It also becomes cumbersome to rely on third parties for the business process’s functioning.

Payment Barriers: Payment transfers become complex and cumbersome owing to different currencies used globally and the engagement of multi-parties.

Hackers were posing a threat: Age-old business ecosystem is under a common threat from the hacking world, making the information few steps behind leaking.

Cost concerns: Manual processes are involved in traditional businesses. Due to the involvement of multi-parties, additional time and money become taxing.

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How does blockchain equip the present business models

How does blockchain equip the present business models?

Blockchain solutions have come as a blessing for the business eco-space. Across industries globally, blockchain is transforming business. The elimination of effort duplication leads to increased trust. Blockchain revolutionizes food distribution, supply chain, financial services, retail, government, etc.

Smart Contract: Blockchain’s initial application is Smart contracts. These are the self-executing contracts where both parties write the terms and conditions in the form of codes stored on a blockchain network. The associated conditions get executed when the written codes get fulfilled. This way, businesses can mitigate the process of involving government officials or an attorney.  

Easy payments: With the elimination of third parties and billing documents, blockchain has simplified the cash flow in the new establishments.

Supply chain management: This technology enables businesses to keep track of products and services at all manufacturing stages, from transportation to delivery. With the features like immutability and transparency, the companies can easily combat delays in the delivery and have robust security.

Security: One of the prominent pillars of blockchain is security. Due to the attributes of transparency and decentralization, it’s possible to verify information stored in the network. Due to its high-security considerations, blockchain-backed businesses have lesser cyber attack scare.

Transparent hiring process: The companies are bringing their best foot forward to employ blockchain technology for their hiring process. There will be a transparent hiring process with emerging technologies forbidding the employees to tamper with their documents or degrees. This also saves time for verification.

Speed and efficiency: Blockchain-backed SMEs have automated processes that save considerable time and discount human errors.

Payment barriers: Blockchain mitigates the challenges of payment barriers.  

Organizations still search for proficient blockchain developers to tap this all-encompassing technology into their businesses to introduce viable business solutions. Just a few top-notch companies can leverage the potential of blockchain technology to simplify business processes. 

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